Top 5 Christian Fiction Books To Consider

Do you want to know what the best Christian fiction books are? Then this is the post for you! Christian fiction has a lot to offer and may be a great addition to a reader's library. Our selection of the finest Christian novels includes collections by top-selling Christian fiction authors with stories that include elements like love, suspense, history, current events, religion, and forgiveness. So pick up a few gripping tales to help you on your religious journey!

Among the Innocent By Mary Alford

Among the Innocent

The individual suspected of murdering Leah Miller's whole Amish family took his own life 10 years ago. Leah has since left the Amish community and joined the police force. Now, after another Amish woman is found slain in the same manner, it appears that the incorrect guy may have been held responsible for her family's killings. Leah and the new police chief, Dalton Cooper, can't help but become closer as they spend long hours trying to put the puzzle together in order to arrest the killer.

Sunburst By Susan May Warren

Sunburst is rather a simple but effective story. When Ranger Kingston, a former Navy Seal and lifelong bachelor, is summoned to help recover his brother Colt, who has been abducted by terrorists in Nigeria, he is surprised to discover among the prisoners a lady he knows and will never forget.

Elysium Tide By James R. Hannibal

Elysium Tide

Dr. Peter Chesterfield is a leading neurosurgeon at the Royal London Hospital. He's also a workaholic who was forced to take a week off by his boss to attend a medical conference at the opulent Elysium Grand on Maui's island. Peter rescues a woman from the water who has a skull fracture. Despite the fact that he is able to revive her in the ambulance, she dies in his arms, leaving him with only one clue as to what happened to her.

Free Fall By Nancy Mehl

Women with long black hair have been kidnapped across Virginia. Alex Donovan, a behavioral analyst, is entrusted with building together a profile when the FBI is called in to assist. Logan Hart, a friend and coworker, has been assisting her, but he has been acting oddly and won't disclose why. Alex takes the bait when the kidnapper asks that she meet him at an abandoned amusement park in return for the whereabouts of all of his prisoners. The meeting, however, turns out to be a set-up, and the building she's in blows up.


The Amish Greenhouse Mysteries: 3 Amish Novels By Wanda E. Brunstetter

The Amish Greenhouse Mysteries

Following a tragic catastrophe, three ladies are left as the sole breadwinners for the family they have left. Their only source of income must be the greenhouse in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, but in their deepest hour of loss and misery, someone appears to be attempting to push them out of business. Is there any hope in these three books?


When Amy King's father, brother, and brother-in-law are murdered in a traffic accident, she quits her job and puts her engagement with Jared on hold to help operate the family greenhouse. Is it possible for a young Amish lady who has already made several sacrifices to have things grow any worse?


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