Free Online Sources Of Audiobooks That Teachers Can Find For Their Students

Audiobooks are excellent tools for bringing stories to life in the classroom and keeping students interested. Audiobooks have historically been used in classrooms by teachers of second-language learners, children with developmental disabilities, and struggling or nonreaders. In certain ways, audiobooks have proved to be effective in allowing these students to access literature and appreciate books. Furthermore, educators have discovered that audiobooks support all students by elevating their academic performance.

Since audiobooks are expensive, you should not expect most of your students to have them at home. You should also not have to waste a lot of money building your audiobook collection for your classroom. For example, the highly popular Audible platform for free audiobooks is a subscription-based service, so you can only select one book each month. Instead, make use of the abundance of free audiobooks accessible to teachers and pupils.

Here are some suggestion sources of quality audiobooks for teachers to distribute to their students.

Overdrive is a popular online library service. If students have a library card, they can use it to search for and borrow millions of audiobooks and eBooks from Overdrive. Furthermore, Overdrive offers current titles rather than a list of classic titles. Since Overdrive links to every library, you can use it to borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and even movies from your local library. The software also allows consumers to read or listen online depending on their needs.

OverDrive currently has a consumer ranking of 4.15 stars, showing that the majority of consumers are usually pleased with their purchases. OverDrive is ranked fourth in the competition for Ebook pages.

Considering Spotify, many people would immediately think of the music platform which is dominating the market of shared music. However, the app also provides different sources of quality audiobooks for users, even when they use the free version of Spotify. All digital books on this platform are collected from reliable sources, such as universities, global libraries. Users just need to sign up and download any audiobook they want within a few clicks.

LibriVox is a free digital library of public domain audiobooks that have been recorded by volunteers all around the world. This implies that while your kids can locate numerous titles for free, some of the audio narrators may be subpar. This is one of the most popular free audiobook sources for the general public, with the goal of sharing millions of certified digital and audiobooks with consumers all around the world.

StoryNory is not an audiobook collection; rather, it is a website that contains audio tales. While the classics are not available here, there are audio stories for younger audiences that will keep them focused and learning.

Storyline Online, a midday Emmy-nominated project, is excellent for younger children. This is a website that features celebrity readings of children's literature. They include a curriculum for instructors for each book in addition to celebrity video recordings of the novels.

Lit2Go provides audiobooks, novels, short tales, and poetry designed for classroom usage. Each free audiobook comes with complete citation information, playtime, and word count. For instance, such as Shakespeare's Hamlet, provide a PDF that may be used to read along with the text.

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular among those who do not have the time to buy and read physical books. We hope that the preceding ideas help you identify appropriate digital sources for your desired audiobooks. With every effort, those websites offer hundreds and thousands of free audiobooks online, many of which you may access at any time and from any location.