Best Works In The Paranormal Romance Genre

These novels provide something for every sort of reader, from light and fluffy vampiric romantic comedies to cursed, dark shifters hidden away in old castles, whether you're a lifelong lover of paranormal romance or simply seeking to dip your toe into the genre.

Kiss Of Midnight

A vampire named Lucan Thorne is responsible for keeping his kind secret from the general public. Outside of a packed nightclub, Gabrielle Maxwell sees something she wasn't intended to, which puts her right in Lucan's path. Gabrielle is put in ever-greater risk from vampires since Lucan can't bring himself to erase her memories.

The Black Lily

An adaptation of Cinderella where the heroine plans to kill the vampire prince at a masquerade ball and vampires are the ruling class. A fresh twist on the vampire romance including fairy tale aspects, a covert uprising, and two characters who are supposed to be adversaries but find themselves drawn to one another.

The Care And Feeding Of Stray Vampires

The Care And Feeding Of Stray Vampires

The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires is the ideal choice for those who want their paranormal romances on the lighter side with a fair dose of comedy. The protagonist manages all of the vampires' daytime business as their concierge. She doesn't anticipate discovering her newest client poisoned on the kitchen floor.

Kiss Of Steel

A leather-clad, British hero who is reminiscent of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a steampunk-lite paranormal romance. Honoria, the protagonist, is divided between being true to her hate of vampires and falling in love with the charming Cockney vamp who gave her a pork pie.

A Quick Bite

A Quick Bite

An elderly vampire named Lissianna merely wants to find her prince charming. She can't stand the sight of blood, which is the only drawback to her lifestyle as a vampire. The ideal remedy, however, has been left tied to Lissianna's bed by her mother. Let's hope handsome psychotherapist Dr. Greg Hewitt can help Lissianna and prevent her from becoming dinner.

Dragon Actually

A warrior heroine and a dragon shifter star in this romance between friends and lovers. Dragon Fearghus the Destroyer has rescued Annwyl the Bloody from a fight. She recovers within his cave, dividing her time between interacting with the dragon and receiving treatment and instruction from a dashing knight. She is ignorant of the fact that the dragon and the knight are identical.

Rag And Bone

Rag And Bone

As a warlock, Crispin Tredarloe is taking great care to control his magical prowess. Crispin is doing his best to portray his former master as a frightening and lethal individual who has changed. Crispin's skills, however, are adversely hurting their relationship since Ned Hall, who is also Crispin's hidden lover, dislikes magic. a mysterious Regency love story with a relationship hampered by magic's complexities.


These novels above give something for every kind of reader, from light and fluffy vampiric romantic comedies to cursed, dark shifters kept away in old castles, whether you're a longstanding admirer of paranormal romance or merely wanting to dip your toe into the genre. However, if you’re not ready to spend money and emerge in this world, then you can refer to our free paranormal romance books information.