Best Audible Books For Bookaholics This Summer

Summer is here, which means it's time to grab a good book to listen to while reclining on your patio furniture or by the pool. It's never been great to listen wherever you are with your next favorite book and possibly a picnic basket thanks to Audible. You'll quickly make it your daily aim to read (or listen) every day if you have favorite novels — hint: check out Reese Witherspoon's Book Club. 

Find the top summer novels to add to your own collection this season by reading the list below.

“One Italian Summer” by Rebecca Serle

One Italian Summer

"One Italian Summer" is no exception to Rebecca Serle's track record as the queen of literary realism. This popular new novel is on almost everyone's reading list — and not just because of its captivating cover depicting the Italian Riviera. Katy embarks on a solo journey to Positano, the southern landmark of lemons, lush leisure, and plenty of maritime landscapes when her mother passes away. It's one of the most thought-provoking books with themes of realizing one's own identity, overcoming sadness on one's own terms, and discovering magic along the road.

“Island Time” by Georgia Clark

Island Time

Georgia Clark is one of the most inspirational authors with whom I've had the pleasure of interacting through her work. Her forthcoming film "Island Time" is about a family who is left on an Australian island after a volcano erupts. It's a great easy book to take on vacation or to read while the weather is nice. What distinguishes this work from others is Clark's masterful interweaving of her characters; each one has a distinct personality and plotline to follow. Gender equality, sincerity, and enjoying life one day at a time are other underlying themes. 

“The School for Good Mothers” by Jessamine Chan

The School for Good Mothers

"The School for Good Mothers" has quickly become a national favorite, and it merits all the accolades and admiration for being one of the most original novels I've ever read. Liz Moore, one of the book's authors, called it "haunting and memorable," and said she was "in awe of Jessamine Chan's imagination." I completely agree. When Frida, Harriet's Asian American mother, has a "bad day," she's sent to a surveillance-enforced college where she'll learn how to be a good mother. It wonderfully captures the dangers of cultural differences, maternity problems, and financial disparities among caregivers. It's also likely to be adapted into a film in the near future.

“The Summer Place” by Jennifer Weiner

The Summer Place

Jennifer Weiner, the Queen of Beach Reads, deserves a standing ovation. "The Summer Place," her most recent book, is one of the most accessible beach or pool books — yet it cleverly makes pandemic parallels and hits on modern-day living to place this season in a whole new light. The story focuses on Sarah and her stepdaughter Ruby, who is arranging a wedding with Gabe, her pandemic boyfriend with whom she was confined at NYU. Along the way, you'll meet Sarah's mother, Veronica, a former best-selling author, as well as her brother, Sam, who is on his own self-discovery trip.


The audible books below are sure to help you have memorable summer moments. Also, if you are looking for Audible Books on popular online platforms and completely free, then click here for more details!